CrossFit Open 14.3 – My Forecast

Can Julia motivate me enough to get through CrossFit Open 14.3?
Can Julia motivate me enough to get through CrossFit Open 14.3?

Thursday Evening:
All of us kids are gathered once again for the announcement of CrossFit Open 14.3.

We’re sitting here with homemade paleo apple crisp and not-so-paleo Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, eagerly anticipating the announcement. Personally, I am sitting here with a fearful dread. Will this WOD be structured in any way to give me some advantage to move beyond a single digit score. My sole consolation through 14.2 is that I haven’t washed out.

The first two weeks in 2014 were much more challenging than last year. In two weeks, I have amassed an amazing 17 points, placing me next to the last in Masters Men 60+ in the North East Division. Five guys have washed out already.

Last year was very ugly for me. Open 13.3 began with Karen, and then Double-Unders, then Muscle-ups. Like many, I crashed on the 150 Wall Balls.

The CrossFit 14.3 announcement broadcast seemed to begin a little later, so Dave Castro cut to the chase and announced the 14.3 workout. It is a progression of 10 Deadlifts, 15 Box Jumps, followed by 15 Deadlifts, 15 Box Jumps, followed by 20 Deadlifts, 15 Box Jumps, etc. Up to a max of 35 DL’s. But wait! There’s more! Order now and we’ll include an ever increasing load on the bar with each round.

So the progression increases the count AND the weight on the bar. Weights vary by gender and age category. But regardless of your category, the weight increases rapidly, as will the fatigue and the likelihood of bad form, during this 8 minute AMRAP from hell.

For Masters Men’s Division, the weight’s go 10 reps at 95#, 15 reps at 135#, 20 reps at 185#,etc. That is doubling the volume with each round, that is 10×95=950#; 15×135=2025#

The upside is that for the first time in three weeks I will break out of single digits. How much? Here is my prediction for my own score: I expect to finish two rounds and get onto the bar for at least one lift at 185#. So my target is 60+. To do so, I need to get through the first round of Deadlifts in one minute, get through the first round of Box jumps in one minute, and account for transition time loading the barbell. The next set of deadlifts will take at least 90 seconds, more likely two minutes. Then back on the box. I will be over seven minutes in, with moments to spare, to load the bar, and get one more lift.

To ease in the transition, I need to lay out my weights in sequence to speed things up and minimize confusion. I will not use clips to hold the bumpers to save precious seconds. Diane Fu suggested that men can save their grip my opting for the smaller diameter women’s bar and adding two five pound plates to get back to weight. I like the idea, but I won’t know if that’s how I will go, until I determine which bars are available. Last year, many of us determined that step-ups onto the Box were quicker and less grueling for some of us, so I’ll save my legs. That is my plan.

I’ll catch you on the other side with Saturday’s post-WOD report and we can see how good my forecasting skills may be. Am I overly optimistic? Too conservative? Just plain delusional?

Have fun. Be Defiant! Be Well!

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