Who Wants a Pegboard? CrossFit Does!

Dave Castro - discussing the final WOD in 2015 CrossFit Games
Dave Castro – discussing the final WOD in 2015 CrossFit Games

Facebook is on FIRE this morning, as everyone is debating the merits or demerits of introducing the old 1960’s high school gym standby – The Pegboard.

The arguments against kind of go like this:

  • “That’s not old-school crossFit!”
  • “It was too late into the Comp, everyone was fatigued!”
  • “This wasn’t fair, most of the elite women didn’t finish the WOD!”

Arguments in favor leaned this way:

  • “Hey, CrossFit is all about unknown and unknowable!”
  • “You mean to tell me the ‘fittest people on earth’ can’t do high school gym movements?”
  • “If these athletes spent more time doing strict pull-ups, instead of kipping, they would have been able to do these!”

In reality, I don’t care. I can’t do a freaking pull-up any way you slice it, or dice it. BUT, for those of you who do care, perhaps you’d like a pegboard of your own.

If you don’t have a place for it in your own garage, perhaps you’d like to build one and donate it, and the installation, to your local box. Unless of course you prefer to start the week, whining to the box owner about “Why don’t we have a pegboard?” Oh, I know I’m gonna catch it for that comment.

This design is courtesy of Regionals Athlete Kevin Montoya, formerly of CrossFit New England. So get out your local home center and get some lumber, cuz next Saturday you are doing the Home Workshop WOD.

FYI, if you Google Gym Pegboards or search YouTube, there are a gazillion DIY alternatives. And you can make a decent one for $50-100, depending on your taste in wood products.

 FYI: You still have time to win a copy of “Learning to Breathe Fire”