44 Years to Build a Great Life

Happy Anniversary! She has put up with me for 44 Years and Counting.

Happy Anniversary!
She has put up with me for 44 Years and Counting.

While searching through my archives, I discovered this journal entry I had crafted years ago. I did not I have a platform to publish it at that time. So I dusted off my draft, updated it, edited it and here it is. I admit it is not the typical fare for Defiant Wellness. It is simply a public profession of my love for a woman who has put up with me for a lifetime.

It it difficult to imagine that forty-four years have passed since I looked into Suzanne’s lovely eyes and said, “I do!”. I am even more amazed that she echoed the words back to me. Though we have experienced various trials and tribulations, time has been good to us, and the Lord has blessed us.

It is difficult to comprehend that we were only 19 when we married. Yes, we said “…til death do us part…”, but when you’re 19 years old, a human lifetime seems like an eternity. After 44 years of marriage, and more than 60 years of living, it is becoming clear that a lifetime has passed. Sue and I have been blessed with a lifetime together. I am amazed. I am in absolute awe. I am grateful to God for bringing us together so many years ago; I am grateful that she has given me a son; and I am thankful to Sue for putting up with me even when I didn’t deserve her. Yes, I am truly blessed.

How long is forty-four years? Well Richard Nixon was President. Gasoline was 40 cents a gallon. Delivering a baby at the hospital was $275. Delivering a first class letter was 8 cents. A new Corvette was $5,475 (we should have bought one as an investment). A decent new house could be had for under $25,000. And best of all – a marriage license was two dollars.

My life has been marred with many regrets over the years. But marrying Suzanne Monique Renaud is one thing that I would gladly repeat every January 23rd. Marrying her is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done.

Suzanne, I love you far beyond words.

“I Do!! Til death do us part!”

How Good Ideas Get Hijacked by Corporate Farming and Factory Foods.

Wheat Field - Unsplashed Creative Commons by Cornelia at http://www.kreativgrund.de/

Wheat Field – Unsplashed Creative Commons by Cornelia at http://www.kreativgrund.de/

A few weeks ago, I posted a Newbie’s Guide to Paleo.

In that article, I tried to offer some simple guiding principles regarding healthy food, under the shorthand label of “Paleo”.

Among the things I discussed, I suggested that the reader approach an ancestral diet without embracing the caricature of eating like a caveman.

Today, I came across a very well written article by Jamie Scott, formerly know as That Paleo Guy. In the article Scott shares his frustration that a good and noble message of healthy food and diet, has once again been tainted by large corporations, looking to capitalize upon an emerging trend.

Hunter-Gatherer Mac & Cheese, Paleo Donuts, and Primal Pasta are clearly undermining the original message.

The current paleofication of everything from chocolate fudge sundaes to celebrity chefs drives me completely mental. – Jamie Scott

The very act of manufacturing factory foods, is a contradiction of the premise of the Paleo movement. The issue is that in so doing, they have rendered the label “Paleo” as useless. It means everything, it means nothing.

Regardless, the fact remains, ignore factory foods, regardless of their advertising and seductive labeling. Buy quality whole foods, in their natural state, from viable sources. Screw the labels. Just eat well.

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