CrossFit Open 15.4 – Post Mortem

This place sure looks empty after everyone puts their barbell away.

This place sure looks empty after everyone puts their barbell away.

As is my custom, during the CrossFit Open Season, I like to predict my score, or at least my strategy prior to the event.

Then after I have been given a dose of reality, I follow-up with a Post-Mortem.

Should I go Rx or Scaled? This event was a no brainer for me, I cannot do a Handstand Pushup to save my life. Actually, I refrain from doing them, to save my life. So I went Scaled.

For Scaled, the movements were simple. Set up a barbell for performing 10 Push Presses, and a slightly heavier one for 10 Cleans.

As Mens Master 60+, my weights were the same as the younger women, so I shared a station with my pal Julia. She went first, and I judged her, and then in the next heat, we switched roles.

Observing Julia gave me an opportunity to study her strategy and determine, on the fly, whether I should alter mine. One thing I learned from her was that breaking each movement into two sets of 5 reps would help hold fatigue at bay. Do five lifts, drop the bar, shake off the arms for a few seconds and get back on the bar.

This method helped Julia secure a score of 101.

Having observed Julia’s strong performance, I felt confident that my prediction of 80 reps was not unreasonable. So I approached the barbell and watched the timer countdown.

3-2-1 Go!

I knocked off 10 Push Presses. Only Julia yelled at me, because I did them as Strict Presses. I am so accustomed to doing Jerks, in suppressing my inclination to Jerk, I also suppressed pushing.

So I began the first round by toasting my shoulders a bit more than I had to, and I did 10 straight because I felt so fresh.

Then I moved to the cleans. Light Weight! Light Weight!

Things were going very well. Then the second round was done and the barbells began to get heavier as my arms seemed to get a “jello infusion”. As I began the third round of Push Presses, I noticed my hands were feeling a little raw in the web between my thumb and forefinger. Oh yeah! I meant to chalk up, but I forgot.

By the fourth round, this strength WOD was turning into a MetCon as I was beginning to get gassed. It was about this time, I realized I had forgotten to take a couple blasts on my inhaler prior to the event. But I was done four rounds, I had already met my forecast.

I got back on the bar with about 40 seconds left and I was able to lock out the last ten Push Presses to get a final score of 90. Ten reps over my forecast. I had a blast.

The workout and the friends are the highlight of the Opens for me. The Leaderboard is simply icing on the cake. And as we all know, you have to wait for your dessert. In this case, we don’t get to see the results until Tuesday morning.

The weeks are flying by. How did you do this weekend? Did you meet or exceed your goal?


My Personal Prediction for CrossFit Open 15.4

Photo Courtesy of Sharon Drummond - Flickr

My personal target for CrossFit Open 15.4 is 80. I may reconsider this after I have done the first round of reps.

When I gathered with friends to watch the announcement of the 15.4 workout, I was a bit confused.

I knew I wasn’t going to be subjected to Handstand Push-Ups (HSPU), but I thought Dave Castro said scaled would do Push-ups. Many of my buddies thought they heard the same thing.

So we were a bit surprised when we saw the web page said Push Press, though we all agreed that Push Press made much more sense, since it employs the same muscles.

We all were amused by the prospect of the scoring too. There is a lot going on trying to judge these HSPU’s, head’s gotta hit the floor, body’s gotta lock-out, feet gotta go over the mark. And the rep scheme can get confusing in the heat of the moment.

So for a guy who can’t do a simple WOD without someone else to count my reps, I was pleased to see scaled athletes get a 10 and 10 Rep Scheme over the 8 minute period. That’s easier to wrap my head around, whether I am the victim, er, I mean, the athlete, or the judge.

For Men’s Masters 60+ my weight for Push Press is 65 pounds. For Cleans, it’s 75 pounds. I can handle those weights just fine. That makes me confident I can do the WOD.

What is the missing variable in my mind, is the effect of the reps over the 8 minute period. I believe I can knock out the first round reasonably well. The real test will be when I get back on the barbell for the second round of Push Presses. Then the third and fourth. I see the barbell starting to get rather heavy as the WOD grinds you down, and fatigue settles in.

I haven’t seen anyone posting Scaled Masters scores online yet, so I really cannot predict what is a reasonable expectation. Call me overly optimistic, but I am hoping to get through four full rounds. That’s 80 reps.

Is that even reasonable? Is it ridiculously high? Is it extremely conservative? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I already found the photo and added a caption, so I’ll stick with it. Let’s see what reality brings. 18 hours from now I’ll know.

Have fun with 15.4. Stay Defiant! Stay Well!



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