Kettlebells for Breakfast

Breakfast in Bed is getting tougher.
Breakfast in Bed is getting tougher.

Fitness ideas don’t always come from the gym. The Internet is filled with productivity tips that can be transferred to other disciplines, such as fitness.

For example, a simple technique for remembering to drop off your shirts at the cleaners, is to place them between you and the door. You can’t leave without moving the shirts, so instead, you grab them on your way out in the morning.

How can this idea be used to help you achieve your fitness goals? Yeah, you can drop your gym bag in front of the door too. My trick is to place a heavy metal object between me and my first cup of coffee.

When I wake up in the morning, there is a beautiful cast iron sphere between the bathroom door and the stairs.

Every Minute, On the Minute (EMOM), I swing the Kettlebell for 15 swings, rest until the minute is done. EMOM for 10 minutes.

As you get stronger, add volume, reduce rest time. If you have more Kettlebells, go up to the next weight. If you don’t have more bells, begin doing one-arm swings. Maintain good form or just stay in bed.

If you want great ideas for a turning up the heat with a daily kettlebell routine, check out Pat Flynn’s 300 Swings a Day.

So for a functional fitness productivity tip – spend 10-15 minutes with your kettlebell before your morning coffee, and it might not matter if you go to the gym or not. But I know you will, because you’re obsessed, and your gym bag is in front of the door.

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