Why Your Ego is So Important in CrossFit



 Leave your ego at the door!

I have heard that saying so many times. It is a great reminder that there will always be someone who is faster and stronger, so do not be haughty regarding your accomplishments.

That is not to say we don’t strive to excel. That is not to say we do not enjoy some adulation on occasion. We all revel in a good performance. You lift a little heavier, you row a little faster, you squeak past a rival; these are all worthwhile accomplishments. Savor them for that brief moment.

Saturday I participated in a playful In-House Competition, where the box owner puts together the team from the list of registered athletes. I was on a good team, meaning I like the people I was with, and we are all capable of various movements.

Since I do Olympic Lifting more than I do CrossFit, I am not at the box too often, and there were a lot of members that I had not met.

As I was performing the first WOD, I was performing a relay of sprints on the rower. Whenever I’d break, I’d catch my breath and take a sip of water. I noticed a pretty young woman, whom I had never met, watching me intently. I paid no mind. Yet it continued.

I moved onto the next thing, finding my one rep max Power Snatch. I was quite pleased with my lifts. I hit my goal on the second lift, and then it was all gravy from there. Between every lift, I’d stop, catch my breath and take a sip of water. It wasn’t my imagination. That pretty girl was watching me again.

Now make no mistake about this, I am a happily married man, but I do have an ego. And to see a woman half my age, eyeing me so deliberately, was a boost to my ego. I threw another 10 pounds on the bar and made the lift. I had achieved a PR and I was elated.

After the timer went off, and the event was over. The woman boldly approached me and said, “That’s my water bottle!”

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